Step Two
“Counting on”

Once a child has mastered counting forwards and backwards from 0-20 it is time to introduce “counting on.” Continue playing the same activities that were done along the large gross motor number line and the smaller fine motor number line. However instead of starting at 1 the child is to start at any number between 2 and 19. To us it seems an easy task to require a child to demonstrate. However to a young child it is a complex request. Work first on counting forward, then backwards.
Ensure that the number line has numerals written so they can be used as an aid. Once the child starts to garner some confidence you can remove the numerals.

You can also play a counting game where you say the first few numbers in a sequence and then have the child continue counting on. You can also go back and forth saying a number or even several numbers each. All while counting forwards and backwards. Also ask questions such as what comes before or after a certain number.

You can also set out counters, or put some in a bowl. Then have your child continue adding counters. Try to discourage them from counting any that are already set out.

Please hop on over to Push Play Learning for some more information and ideas about counting on. She has a great App review and a YouTube video to give you more ideas.


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