This week we studied cells. We read about them. We watched videos about them. We discussed them. And we even did a simple lab examining a single cell egg.



At the end of the week James wrote his essay about cells. It is rough and needs editing. He is only 3. I will let him revise it in a year when we revisit learning about cells.


All living things are made of cells. People have a hundred trillion cells. Animals cells have membranes. Plant cells have walls. Egg a single animal cell. Cells have a brain called nucleus. Cells are like Legos. Cells are tiny but bigger than atoms and molecules. I have atoms in me. Cells are living things. Like factories. Cells have organelles. Like workers. Cells are made of DNA. Like instructions. Cytoplasm is jelly for organelles. Mitochondria is energy. My cells have 46 chromosomes. 23 from mummy and 23 from daddy. Plant cells are green and have chloroplasts to make food from sun.

The End


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