Monthly Archives: May 2014



For a long time I have wanted to be able to bind loose leaf pages that have been taking over my houses. Pages from JJ’s works of art, loose worksheets, memory work cards, and just about any other printed matter. Spiral binding is far superior to 3 ring binders due to the space saving ability. Like ring binders, you can also remove and add sheets as needed. I had been eyeing the highly recommended Pro Click system after reading great reviews about it.
However I was recently able to purchase a lesser known and cheaper system by Carl Brands. For around $20 for the machine and $12-$20 for 100 spiral spines, it was worth it for me to try. I was pleasantly surprised with his easy it is to use. The only caveat is that I can only punch 5 pages at a time and each page needs to be punched 6 times. However since I am not binding massive amounts of pages on a regular basis this is not an issue for me.