The Little Man is my 2.5 year old son. James, or as he prefers to be called, JJ.
He really is a little man. Super independent and very inquisitive. He also has his own way of seeing the world. Most of the time it is pretty hard to fault his reasoning. Here are some of the things he has said lately.

After discussing why he should sleep with daddy:
“JJ little. JJ scared. JJ sleep alone. Mummy big. Mummy not scared. Mummy sleep with daddy. JJ need daddy.”
Yes son… Sleeping arrangements just aren’t fair. Why do the big people get to sleep with each other and our kids all alone?

After being told not to throw his wooden airplane:
“Airplane go in sky”
That is what I get for teaching him about air, land and water things.

After being told not to throw his truck:
“JJ no throw truck. Truck fall down”
Ahh… Can’t argue with gravity.

These are daily conversations that we have. As you can see he is quite proficient at using his own Little Man Logic.


This is a blog about our adventures in early learning. I hope to implement more activities that we do throughout the day.


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