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For the last 2 weeks James and I have been learning about the circulatory system. We stuck to our standard learning method of reading books and watching YouTube clips and DVDs. James will then dictate a short essay for me to demonstrate what he has understood.

As a bonus, while he was playing this week, James decided to build a heart with an assortment of objects. In the video below he is trying to explain to me how the heart works.

This is James’ essay. I know it is not entirely accurate or detailed, but he is 3 and these are his own words. When he is older and we revisit this subject again, I will have him edit it and add details.

Circulatory System
By James

Is made of blood and heart. A heart pumps blood with a lub dub sound. Through your body over and over again. It is a muscle with four chambers. These are the chambers: right atrium, left atrium, right ventricle, left ventricle. A heart is as big as a fist.
Gives oxygen by carrying blood to the cells in the arteries. The veins carry carbon dioxide from the cells.
Blood has red blood cells that give oxygen. White blood cells, leucocytes, fight infection. Platelets stop bleeding. That’s the end.

Some of the resources we used. These are affiliate links, I only add them if I recommend them.



We have spent the last 2 weeks learning about skeletons and muscles. Once again we read lots of books and viewed a few videos and YouTube clips.

We assembled a large skeleton and put it on the front door. Perfect timing for Halloween.

This is JJ’s essay.

Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Skeletal system is made of bones and joints. It protects my heart and lungs with ribcage, and brain with skull. It holds me up so I am not a blobby mess.

Muscular system is part of your body. It moves my skeleton. Those are skeletal muscles. Smooth muscles move my heart and digestive system. They are involuntary. Voluntary means I make them move, involuntary I don’t make them move.

Some of the resources we used. These are affiliate links, I only add them if I recommend them.


This week we studied cells. We read about them. We watched videos about them. We discussed them. And we even did a simple lab examining a single cell egg.



At the end of the week James wrote his essay about cells. It is rough and needs editing. He is only 3. I will let him revise it in a year when we revisit learning about cells.


All living things are made of cells. People have a hundred trillion cells. Animals cells have membranes. Plant cells have walls. Egg a single animal cell. Cells have a brain called nucleus. Cells are like Legos. Cells are tiny but bigger than atoms and molecules. I have atoms in me. Cells are living things. Like factories. Cells have organelles. Like workers. Cells are made of DNA. Like instructions. Cytoplasm is jelly for organelles. Mitochondria is energy. My cells have 46 chromosomes. 23 from mummy and 23 from daddy. Plant cells are green and have chloroplasts to make food from sun.

The End

Science: Parts of a flower

James seems to be quite good at drawing. I demonstrate how to draw something part by part and he copies my drawings. Today we decided to draw the parts of a flower.